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Dawn Patrol: An all South American ensemble combining a washed Colombian coffee with a natural Brazilian to create a balanced, full-bodied cup. 


Dawn Patrol works great with any method, but it's acidity really thrives in an espresso.


Notes: Hazelnut, chocolate biscuits. great acidity as an espresso. On the nose, smells like chocolate biscuits.


Origin: Colombian Excelso, Brazilian

Process: Washed, Natural


Sourced, roasted and bagged just 50 minutes from our door... we bring to you BAY COFFEE ROASTERS!


Purchase our carefully selected and much loved coffee bean and get it straight to your home machine. Even get it on subscription and save money for your monthly or weekly hit.


*Packaging colours may vary

DAWN PATROL - Retail bag 250g

Price Options
One-time purchase
Weekly Hit 🤘
Subscribe and Save 20%
£5.60every week until canceled
Monthly Hit 🤘
Subscribe & Save 15%
£5.95every month until canceled
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