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The performance Bib & Brace was created for cyclists for performance during all session and competitions.


The innovative and seamless strap construction is particularly air-permeable thanks to the elastic mesh material. This adapts perfectly to the upper body and shoulders, ensuring excellent support as well as optimum wearing comfort.


Additional comfort is provided by the high-cut fabric on the back and wide freecut elasticated waistbands at the leg ends. Carefully positioned seams and a gel insert guarantee a comfortable and smooth fit, even after several hours in the saddle.


These high-end bib shorts have been designed for maximum performance and endurance with a classic design making them perfect for all performance. 


-  Compact and stretchy functional fabric

- Innovative, seamless elasticated strap area

- High, rear fabric section

- Wide freecut elastic waistband at the leg end

- Aerodynamic fit

- Fast-drying

Performance Bib & Brace

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